Presentation by Mirna Erk, Assistant professor, to the parents of seventh graders at Mladost Primary School, Osijek

On December 6, 2022, Assistant Professor Mirna Erk attended Osijek’s Mladost Primary School’s 7th-grade parents’ meeting as a guest speaker. She informed the parents of their children’s results in recent research conducted in cooperation with English language teacher Marijeta Musulin. The study started in March 2020 and ended in October 2022. The title of the presentation was What do games, songs and watching YouTube have to do with success in mastering the English language? Parents learned about their children's performance on A1 and A2 level English language tests and received information about how their children performed compared to children learning English as a foreign language in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Parents also learned about the different forms of English language contact outside of school that the children in the research study had independently reported. The presentation aroused the interest of parents and their class teachers. Teachers expressed their satisfaction that parents had the opportunity to hear the research results directly, which they do not often have the option to do despite Mladost Primary School being a school where various research studies with students are often conducted.