On February 25, 2021, the Faculty of Education founded the Centre for the Research of Intangible Cultural Heritage with the aim of conducting scientific research activities and conducting scientific and professional projects and with the purpose of promoting, studying and protecting intangible cultural heritage and establishing international cooperation, i.e. cooperation with scientific, professional, economic and administrative bodies for the preservation, protection and purposeful use of intangible culture.

The mission of the Centre for the Research of Intangible Cultural Heritage is to create a recognizable research centre, to document and popularize the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia, with an emphasis on Slavonia, Baranja and western Srijem.

The vision of the Centre is to create a research centre of excellence in the field of studying intangible cultural heritage as a central place in the Republic of Croatia where scientists from the Republic of Croatia and abroad will gather (dialectologists, ethnologists, anthropologists, historians, musicians)

Head of the Centre: Nina Mance, Assistant Professor, PhD

Deputy head of the Center: Antonija Huljev, Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D.



Centre for the Research of the Intangible Cultural Heritage