Head of Department:

Tijana Borovac, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Name and surname

Tijana Borovac, Ph.D.


Associate Professor



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Research interests

Early childhood education, play,  project learning, leadership, professional development, ICT in early childhood


Tijana Borovac completed primary and secondary school in Osijek. In 2002 she graduated from Teacher Training College in Osijek acquiring the title of early childhood educator. During her study in 2000 she received Rector’s reward for outstanding success at Teacher Training College. In 2004 she graduated at the Faculty of Economics, and acquiring the title of Master of Economics in Marketing Management. In November 2014 she acquired her doctoral degree in Pedagogy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb after having defending the thesis titled The Social Interaction of Children in Mixed Age Kindergarten Groups.

From 2000-2001 she worked as a project assistant on project Parent School Partnership organized by humanitarian organization Catholic Relief Services ( CRS).

From 2001-2003 she worked in company Heinrich Hirdes as project manager assistant.   Between 2003-2007 she worked as a project coordinator in Youth organization „Breza“ in Osijek.

Since 2007 she has been working as an assistant, senior assistant and now assistant professor at the Faculty of Education in Osijek, at the Department of Education (Early childhood education).

List of publications (CROSBI link)

CROSBI Tijana Borovac

Members of Department:

Edita Borić, Full Professor with tenure, Ph.D.

Name and surname

Edita Borić, Ph.D.


Full Professor with tenure


eboric@foozos.hr, editaboric@yahoo.com

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Research interests

nature and society methodology and biology, research teaching, lifelong learning, cultural heritagestudent-centered learning , ICT


Professor of biology and chemistry, PhD in teaching methods of biology from Slovenia. Teaching methodology of lifelong learning, outcomes and competencies of teachers, student-centered learning, teaching methods, etc. Expert in learining outcomes and outdoor research teaching. Gives lectures within Pedagogical–psychological-didactical-and-methodological training for assistants at the University in Osijek. Held numerous lectures for students, teaching assistants and teachers of different Universities. Participated in education for external auditors of the quality assurance system in higher education institutions. Participated in numerous international scientific conferences in Croatia and abroad.

Has certificate for external auditors of the insurance system for the quality in higher education institutions organized by the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Held lectures in 2017 as visiting professor under the project “Involvement of visiting foreign experts and university teachers in the pedagogical process as a pillar of quality development process of internationalization of the University of Maribor“ co-funded by the EU and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports.

She was a leader of the numerous scientific projects (national and international, Orientation of teaching Nature and society to student achievement levels; „Cultural Heritage in Primary Education of Slovenia and Croatia" BI-HR/16-17-014.).

List of publications (CROSBI link)

CROSBI Edita Borić

Tena Velki, Full Professor, Ph.D.
Alma Škugor, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Dunja Jurić Vukelić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Aleksandra Krampač-Grljušić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Dragana Mamić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Željko Rački, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Dražen Rastovski, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Ida Somolanji Tokić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Marinela Rosso, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Daria Župan Tadijanov, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Jurica Lovrinčević, Senior Lecturer
Ivana Borić Letica, Assistant, Ph.D.
Nikolina Jozić, Assistant
Kristina Kovačić, Assistant
Ivana Šenk Gergorić, Assistant
Iva Šimundić, Assistant
Vedrana Veić, Assistant
Marta Zečević Berbić, Assistant
Matej Zrno, Expert associate

About the Department

The Department of Social Sciences of the Faculty of Education is a constituent unit made up of scientists and educators of outstanding scientific achievement and strong shared educational involvement in the community. The main characteristic of all members of the department is a focused orientation towards teaching and scientific excellence, which is annually evident in excellent student grades, but also in the continuous engagement of all members of the Department in professional and scientific faculty, university, national and international projects. The members of the department regularly organizers and holders, but also members of the committees of national professional and international scientific conferences. International educational and scientific experiences, professional specializations possessed and developed by the members of the Section as a personal choice, as well as teaching and scientific success, make the Department of Social Sciences a productive unit of scientists and educators of various fields of social interest and strongly developing expertise for the benefit of the community.