Prof. JOANNA ROKITA-JAŚKOW, researcher from Poland, at the Faculty of Education in Osijek

Beginning in September of 2022, Osijek’s Faculty of Education hosted Prof. Joanna Rokita-Jaśkow of the Krakow Institute of English Studies as a guest researcher. As an expert in the field of applied linguistics, Prof. Joanna Rokita-Jaśkow’s work focuses primarily on topics related to the development of bilingualism, multilingualism, and foreign language acquisition. Prof. Rokita-Jaśkow’s prior connection to the Department of English and German Studies at the University of Osijek through Assistant Prof. Mirna Erk was highly influential in her choice of destination when awarded a research scholarship for excellence by her home university. During her two-month stay, Prof. Rokita-Jaśkow found time to both research and participate in the international Competent Systems in Early and Preschool Education conference, organized by the Faculty of Education, as well as in International Mobility Day at the University of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina.