Doctoral Days 2023

The scientific gathering Doctoral Days, organized by the Faculty of Education of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, took place on October 6 and 7, 2023.

The main topic of this year's conference, i.e. the interdisciplinary nature of education, has attracted a total of 38 doctoral students as presenters. In addition, online participation was made possible for those students studying at other parts of Croatia, as well as for the general public. Similar to the previous Days, the majority of participants came from the Faculty of Education (Postgraduate doctoral study programme Education Sciences and Perspectives), but also from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. There were two doctoral students from Hungary and Serbia studying sociology of education at the University of Pécs, which adds to the international character of the Days.

The conference tradition was being preserved with the aim of establishing a constructive dialogue among doctoral students for the purpose of exchanging theoretical knowledge and recent research findings on educational topics from the perspectives of different sciences. In accordance with the theme of this year's conference, the concept of education was analysed by employing various scientific approaches from the fields of social sciences, humanities and interdisciplinary fields of science, and the doctoral students contributed by researching the following topics: lifelong learning, challenges of tertiary education, inclusive education, teaching effectiveness, classroom interculturalism, comprehensive student development, teaching subjects in the STEAM area, past in the present, heritage and free time.

The third generation of doctoral students enrolled in the Postgraduate doctoral study programme Education Sciences and Perspectives in the academic year 2022/202 was actively involved in the preparation of the Book of Abstracts and the organisation of the event as members of Programme Committee or Organisation Committee. All their efforts were supported by the Dean, Professor Emina Berbić Kolar, Ph. D. and Professor Edita Borić, Ph. D., as the head of the doctoral program. The conference was also supported by Faculty members who were keynote speakers: Assist. Prof. Ana Popović, Ph. D. with the topic of Musical landscape - interdisciplinary connection of geography and music and Dariaa Župan Tadijanov, Ph.D. (Kinathropological characteristics of students with a cochlear implant).

You can find more about the Gathering, as well as the Book of Abstracts, on the official website